This is our Dine In Menu. Please visit the Takeout & Delivery Tab for our To Go options.


22% Living Wage Service Charge
added to all Dine In-Phone In-Walk Up Take Out Orders after tax.

15% Living Wage Service Charge
added to all Online Take Out Orders after tax.
Please tip your Door Dash delivery drivers. This is a separate transaction


Salsa Trio choose 3, served w/ tostadas (VV)-6

  • fresca - pureed tomato
  • verde - pureed green
  • tomatillo avocado - verde w/ creamy avocado
  • mexicana - chopped
  • spicy chile de arból - tangy heat
  • spicy citrus habanero - w/ roasted orange
  • sikil pak - creamy pumpkin seed dip
  • salsa negra - spicy smoky chipotle


LOADED Guacamole - 13
w/ all toppings below, salsa fresca & tostadas (V)-no meat (VV)-no meat/cheese...

  • chicharrones-pork skins
  • bacon
  • diced tomato
  • pickled onion
  • cotija cheese
  • pepitas
  • roasted poblanos
  • pickled jalapeños
  • pomegranate seeds

Straight Up Guacamole - 10
customize w/ listed toppings above for 50 cents each, salsa fresca & tostadas (VV)

Gulf Shrimp Ceviche - 12
cured in fresh lime juice w/ tomato, red onion, Serrano chiles & cilantro. Served w/ crunchy tostadas

Fundido w/ Chorizo Verde- 10
Chappapeela Farm housemade green chorizo, spinach, broiled cheese, served w/ soft corn tortillas & salsa fresca (V)-no meat

Queso Dip - 8
You ask and you shall receive. Stadium style liquid cheese that we make in house w/ real cheese, milk, diced green chiles & tomatoes, served w/ crunchy tostadas & salsa fresca (V)


Caesar - 10
Romaine hearts, cotija, caesar dressing, crispy tortilla strips

D.F. Green Salad - 10
Romaine, mixed greens, ***spicy roasted nuts***, tomatoes, radish, cucumbers, red onion, pickled jalapeño, citrus honey vinaigrette dressing (VV)

Add to your salad:
Chicken / Carnitas / Chorizo +4
Shrimp / Veggies +5
Carne Asada / Gulf Fish / Ceviche +6


large grilled flour tortilla, melted cheese, served w/ crema, salsa fresca, guacamole, refried beans & rice

  • Cheese (V) - 8
  • Chicken / Carnitas / Chorizo - 12
  • Shrimp / Veggies - 14
  • Carne Asada / Gulf Fish - 16


Loaded Carne Asada Fries- 16
Carne asada, queso dip, refried beans, guac, crema, cilantro, pickled onions, jalapeños, chipotle mayo (V)-no meat

New Mexico Style Stacked Enchiladas - 16
Chicken tinga, mezcal poblano cream, cheese, crema, side of refried beans & mexican rice

Ensenada Style Seafood Platter - 16
Gulf Fish or Shrimp / Grilled or Fried
Cabbage, chipotle mayo, cotija, onions, cilantro, refried beans, rice & soft corn tortillas. Everything you need to make fish / shrimp tacos!

Mexican Pizza - 12
Add Chorizo & Ground Beef Mixture - 16
2 layered 12" flour tortillas, refried beans, cheese, chile tomato sauce, sour cream, salsa fresca, shrettuce, tomato, cilantro, green onions (V)-no meat


MAKE IT WET chile tomato sauce, broiled cheese, mexi (V)+3
QUESO DIP & jalapeños (V)+3
FRIED CHIMICHANGA crema & mexi (V)+3
MAKE IT A RYANNE'S TACO BOWL for no extra charge, soft corn tortillas on the side by request

Mission Burrito
stuffed w/ pintos, rice, cheese, crema, guac, salsa fresca, onion & cilantro (V)-no meat (VV)-no meat/dairy - 8
Chicken / Carnitas / Chorizo - 10
Shrimp / Veggies - 12
Carne Asada / Gulf Fish - 14

Tres Hermanos Burrito - 12
The Brother's Three w/ chicken, carnitas & carne asada, stuffed w/ pintos, rice, cheese, crema, guac, salsa fresca, onion & cilantro

Coconut Curry Lamb Burrito - 18
stuffed w/ braised lamb in a red coconut tikka masala, yellow lentils & rice, topped with cucumbery mint yogurt. Served w/ a side of apricot mango chutney

The Shanimal Burrito - 14
Gulf Fish or Shrimp / Grilled or Fried w/ cabbage, chipotle mayo, pintos, rice, cheese, crema, guac, salsa fresca, onions & cilantro

The Egg Roll - 14
We were craving eggrolls, so here's our fix! Monster size egg roll fried like a chimichanga. Stuffed w/ shrimp & carnitas fried rice & seasoned cabbage. Drizzled w/ habanero duck sauce & hot mustard crema. No substitutions please.


Gulf Fish or Shrimp / Grilled or Fried
cabbage, chipotle mayo, onions, cilantro, cotija cheese - 5.50

Chicken / Carnitas / Chorizo
onions, cilantro, cotija cheese, tomatillo avocado - 4

Carne Asada / Local Veggie
onions, cilantro, cotija cheese, tomatillo avocado - 5.50

Tacos served on soft corn tortillas & only available for Dine In.

For Takeout, if you would like to make tacos at home, order the Ensenada fish / shrimp platter or make your burrito a Ryanne's taco bowl w/ tortillas on the side.

Beans & Rice (V) w/ cotija cheese (VV) no cheese - 3
Chicharrones w/ chipotle mayo - 4
Seasoned Fries w/ chipotle mayo (V) - 4
Side Salad - 5



w/ Louisiana strawberryt coulis (V) - 7

If you have allergies or restrictions please let us know. ***Items contain peanuts***

(V) vegetarian (VV) vegan