22% Living Wage Service Charge
added to all Dine In Orders after tax.

15% Living Wage Service Charge
added to all Online Take Out, Call In & Walk Up Orders after tax.
Please tip your Door Dash delivery drivers. This is a separate transaction.

The inequitable structure of tipping has pushed us to create change for the better. The living wage service charge is not a tip/gratuity but a service charge which provides our whole staff a guaranteed equitable living wage of more than double the national minimum wage of $7.25/hour. The funds are distributed equally, back to front of the house, host all the way to dishwasher. It encourages teamwork & camaraderie & gives the reassurance that we can make our way through New Orleans' cost of living. You are welcome to add an extra tip/gratuity to your heart's desire, but it’s not necessary. We appreciate your patronage & generosity.

Much Love from the Del Fuego Fam